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Vintage Chanel Fashion Sketch

This is a vintage Chanel fashion sketch that I found that I really like.

I have a confession to make.

Although my top priority is saving money to reach my ultimate goal, I’m still a sucker for high-end brands.  No, I’m not a complete label whore.  Quite frankly, I think a lot of the brands du jour are overrated, and a few of these brands that once represented quality have gone downhill by changing their manufacturing processes (*cough*Coach*cough*).  However, there are certain brands that I just can’t get enough of.  The quality of these goods cannot be matched. While some of the price I pay is for the name, I know that much of the price goes to the quality and manufacturing process.


Quick Note

To really get an education on how Chanel clothing is made, watch the documentary Signe Chanel.  Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase in the US (unless you have a region-neutral DVD player). If you can find a video-on-demand service that has this documentary, watch it from there.


I’m not making as many high-end purchases as I once did because my ultimate goal is more important, but I still want to make an occasional purchase. However, I don’t want to pay full price.

Luxury resale to the rescue!

Not only am I getting a good at a more affordable price, but I can buy with confidence, since these places authenticate the goods and guarantee that the goods that they sell are authentic.

Two of my favorite sites are ShopRDR (http://www.shoprdr.com/) and Yoogi’s Closet (http://www.yoogiscloset.com/).  Both of these sites guarantee that the product is authentic, and both stores sell goods in excellent condition.  I’ve made quite a few purchases from ShopRDR since I’ve been a customer since 2007, and I’m looking to start purchasing from Yoogi’s Closet.  It seems that Yoogi’s Closet is starting to get a bigger selection of high-end luxury goods than ShopRDR, but ShopRDR still has some nice finds.

I also want to give a special mention to Shop Hers (http://shop-hers.com/), a luxury resale site that reminds me of a social network for buying and selling pre-owned luxury goods.  Individuals can sell their own goods on the site as a private seller, or the seller can let Shop Hers sell it for them.  Although it seems a little risky regarding purchasing authentic goods, the site is very good about blocking (and pressing charges against) people who are trying to sell fakes.

Shop Goodwill (http://www.shopgoodwill.com) will often have high-end luxury items on their auction site.  However, I often take the caveat emptor approach with purchasing designer goods from that site.  While some of the stores posting on the site get the goods authenticated, other stores do not.  I have found a few situations where the store unwittingly posted a fake on the site, and I make sure that I email the poster to alert them so the company doesn’t get in trouble.  In fact, I got burned on a Prada purse purchase from Shop Goodwill.  It had all the hallmarks of a genuine purse (made of leather, the lining had the “Prada” name stitched in the fabric, the logo looked right, the inner label was metal), but it turned out to be a really well-made fake.  The two signs were: the color of the lining (black) didn’t match the color of the purse (tan), and the inner label was not a rounded rectangle (it was a regular rectangle).

never purchase luxury resale items from eBay or Etsy.  Most of the items being sold on those sites are fake, so I avoid those sites like the plague.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to catch these crooks because the majority of the counterfeit sellers are outside of the US jurisdiction.

Quick Note

I have to get on my soapbox for a moment. Being an owner of an eCommerce accessories store that specializes in selling goods from artisan designers, I understand the work it takes to make these creations, especially since I’m one of the designers on the site.  To me, counterfeit goods are a slap in the face to the artist/designer that created the work.  I think that it is completely okay to make a creation that’s inspired by the original designer.  In fact, that’s a great compliment to the influence the designer’s style has.   However, when people blatantly add labels and the insignia from the designer and claim that they are designer originals, I take issue.  It’s thievery, plain and simple, and knowingly purchasing counterfeit goods is like being an accessory to a crime.  If you can’t afford the original, either buy a less-expensive inspiration piece, make your own inspiration piece, or save your money until you can afford the original.
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I’m always interested in learning about new things.  If you know about any luxury retail sites that sell authentic pre-owned goods, let me know about them.  If you know of any luxury resale stores in the Orlando area, let me know about them as well.