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I love working with t-shirts for upcycling and refashioning.  The material is comfortable and easy to work with.  There are so many tutorials and how-to books out there on how to convert a t-shirt into a blouse, dress, skirt, scarf, stuffed animal, and blankets.  I was looking for a clever and useful way to refashion t-shirts, and I found one.  I converted these…..


to these…..


Yes, these are underpants!  Granted, these aren’t underpants that I would wear on a hot date, but they are comfortable, especially when working out.  I like the idea of making my own underwear because I can size it to my body proportions.  I have small hips width-wise, but I have a “J-Lo butt” (or a “Kim Kardashian butt” for the younger crowd), so unless it’s the stretchy kind of underpants that conform to my body, underwear in my size is either granny panties that are too big, or fashionable underwear that’s a little too small because of my butt (buying the underwear in a larger size doesn’t work because then they’re too big).  Also, I’m losing weight, so not only are my clothing sizes affected, but my underwear size is affected, too.  I can make my own underwear with t-shirts and elastic to suit my current size and body for about $2.00/pair.

So how did I do this?  I followed a tutorial from the web series Whitney Sews.  I really like her show because she often has the cleverest ideas for refashioning, and I really was dying to try this idea.  The video below is the tutorial: