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For the past few months, I’ve been putting in an effort to lose weight and tone up my body, and I’m getting comfortable enough in my progress to show off my hard work.  I typically wear men’s t-shirts when working out or as pajamas, so I usually use them as they are.  However, my t-shirts are getting too baggy and boxy, and I want to start showing off the results of my work, so I’ve been looking into tailoring my t-shirts for the gym.

This is one of the t-shirts that I have that I wanted to adjust:

1 - Original Shirt

The saying on the shirt (“Raise the Bar”) is appropriate and uplifting for working out


The look that I wanted to go for was to “feminize” the shirt by adjusting the neckline and resizing the shirt.  I started by removing the collar.

2 - Cut Neckline

I pinned down the neckline and stitched it with an overlock stitch and a straight stitch.

3 - Pin Down Hem 4 - Stich Hem


After resizing and tailoring the shirt (not shown), here is the result.  I still kept it a little loose, but it fits more shapely rather than boxy.

5 - Final Product