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There are times where I want to be casual and comfortable, but sometimes a pair of shorts or a pair of yoga pants is just too sloppy.  A simple skirt works for those times.  I’ve seen quite a number of tutorials and how-to books on converting t-shirts to skirts, so I wanted to take two t-shirts that I had, and make a simple skirt with a yoga-pant waistband.

1 - Original TShirts


The navy t-shirt wasn’t in as good of condition as the burgundy shirt, so I decided to use the burgundy shirt as the skirt and the navy shirt as the waistband.

I cut the navy shirt to make the waistband.

2 - Cut Tshirt for Yoga Waist

I cut the burgundy shirt to make the skirt.

3 - Cut Tshirt for Skirt

After resizing the burgundy piece to fit better (not pictured), I sewed the alterations.

4 - Resize the Skirt


I sewed the blue waistband to the burgundy skirt.

5 - Sew Waist to Skirt 6 - Sew Waist to Skirt 2


Here is the final result of the skirt.  I tried to take a selfie of me in the skirt using my phone, but it didn’t come out in the way that I wanted, so here’s the best that I have.

7 - Result 1 8 - Result 2


I like the flexibility of the yoga-pant waistband because it’s comfortable, and it works if I’m having an attack with my celiac disease, where my stomach swells up to where I look like I’m about 6 months pregnant.