UPDATE: Thanks to a few good investments, I was able to get out of the IT field before I turned 42.  However, since I’m changing careers and spending more time on the business, I still have to live frugally, so much of this is still relevant.

I have a goal.  By the time that I’m 50 years old (NOTE: I was able to do it sooner – see update), I want to retire from my current profession (Information Technology) and pursue my new career of running my retail shop – Two Swans Shoppe (http://www.twoswansshoppe.com) –  and teaching at college full time.  Don’t get me wrong – IT has been good to me.  I made a successful living owning and operating my own IT company as well as doing SharePoint consulting.  I’m at a stage in my life where I’m ready for a new phase.

In order to be able to make my goal, I have to cut waaaaaay back in my expenses.  Making a successful living has given me the opportunity to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle, but the consequence is I’ve become accustomed to that lifestyle.  Many of the financial experts advise individuals to make dramatic cuts and pretty much live like paupers until they reach their goal, but I don’t want to make cuts where I’m not enjoying “the high life” anymore.  I’m sorry, but living on rice and beans every day is not living! My mission is to find ways where I can still enjoy champagne dreams and caviar wishes while living on a budget that can only buy me ginger ale dreams and potato chips wishes.

This blog will keep track of ways to save money and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.


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